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Concierge Physical Therapy with the goal to

Hello! My name is Jarrod Spencer, and I am the founder of ElevatePT! We are a premiere concierge physical therapy and burnout prevention company that travels to you. We serve the Frisco, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our specialty is with orthopedic ailments, but we also have a hyperfocus area in the treatment of headaches/migraines. We started with the goal to "Elevate Life" and soon learned that life is more than just injuries and ailments. That is why we started Frisco's first burnout prevention program because to "Elevate Life" you have to be working towards something you believe in. We are proud of our burnout prevention program and if you want to transform your life, get in touch today.

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The Difference

What sets ElevatePT apart is our desire to learn combined with integrity, transparency, and passion. The medical field is plagued by poor communication, ambiguous answers, and a lack of accountability. Personally having 5 years of experience in the health care world I have heard and seen the horror stories of unnecessary surgeries being performed, the months spent in PT with no results and the sales pitch that “you will need adjustments for the rest of your life.” It is time to clear the fog! It is my pledge to you that I will use the knowledge I have acquired, in conjunction with the mission to “Elevate Life”, to provide hope, relief and clarity to people who want and need it.

Let ElevatePT get you on the right path to healing! Our goal is to streamline your care rather than have you wasting time getting bounced around from MD to MD. Forget waiting rooms. Forget traveling to multiple medical appointments. Forget taking months or years to find out what the best care will be for your problem. As a private concierge company, we can put patient needs ahead of corporate and insurance quotas and provide fast, effective results.


Jarrod Spencer, PT, DPT, OCS

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Dr. Jarrod Spencer
Founder of ElevatePT

Key Takeaways

  • ElevatePT was started to transform and transcend conventional physical therapy by providing premiere physical therapy to clients within their own home.

  • Our specialty area is in orthopedics with a hyperfocus area in the treatment of headaches and migraines.

  • We began our burnout prevention program because we saw that being healthy doesn't matter if you can't use your body to build a life you are passionate about

  • Our goals are to meet your goals

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